What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a method of activating the healing powers of the body. It is an effective form of foot massage based on the principal that reflex points on the hands and feet correspond to each organ and structure in the body and are linked to those organs by energy channels, zones or meridians. Illness or imbalance can cause corresponding channels to become blocked. Reflexology aims to revitalise and stimulate the bodies energy flow by removing these blocks and allowing energy to flow freely again, thus creating a state of harmony and balance throughout the body.

Our Services

Our service is fully mobile. We can perform our treatments at a time and place of your choosing and convenience. Whether it is a relaxing massage in the comfort of your own home or a midday energising session at your place of work, all our services are tailor made to the individual needs of our clients. Alternatively I am based at One Hundred and One The Beauty Studio in Beverley every Monday 10am-7pm. For Salon appointments please visit www.101thebeautystudio.co.uk or call 01482 865074. Elemental Reflexology is an accredited member of the highly respected International College of Holistic Medicine.

Our Treatments

Full Reflexology Massage - Reflexology promotes a deep sense of relaxation and calm in the recipient. It is also extremely beneficial in treating all manner of physical complaints and has been proven to improve emotional well-being. This treatment includes an initial consultation, a 45 minute massage and the application of an organic and restorative foot balm - 1 hour £35 

Indulgence Reflexology Massage - A luxurious and relaxing treatment that places the emphasis very much on pampering, the Indulgence Reflexology Treatment combines the beneficial nature of Reflexology with the calming essence of a therapeutic spa therapy. This treatment includes an initial consultation, a Himalayan Rock Salt foot soak and a luxurious foot scrub. This is followed by a 45 minute Reflexology massage and the application of a restorative foot balm. The treatment concludes with a hot towel foot wrap (salon only) and a relaxing 10 minute hand massage. An indulgent treat for those who wish to be spoilt! - 90 minute £60 

Express Reflexology Massage - Never had Reflexology before? Then why not book a 20 minute taster session and experience the relaxing and restorative effects of this gentle and none intrusive therapy. The Express Reflexology Massage is also a perfect lunch time ‘pick me up’ or after work treat. Allow us to introduce you to Reflexology and it’s many benefits today - 20 mins £8 

Thai Foot Massage - Experience a deep sense of calm with this unique and powerful therapy. Combining massage, energy balancing and stretching, this 2000 year old therapy promotes inner peace and harmony in today’s stressful world - 1 hour £35 

Reflexology Hand Massage - Do you wish to experience the numerous benefits and relaxing nature of Reflexology, but either cannot or do not wish to have your feet massaged? Then why not book a relaxing hand massage instead. As with our feet, the whole body is mapped out on our hands and by gently massaging the hands we can generate the same state of wellbeing as that of a full Reflexology Foot Compression Massage. Whether on the hands or the feet, Reflexology is designed to help rebalance and restore your body - 45 mins £25 

Energy Balancing - Our body is full of channels (or meridians) through which the natural energy we are comprised of flows. However these channels can easily become impeded, leaving us feeling unbalanced and out of sorts. This treatment is designed to correct this! Combining Reflexology with the muscle testing techniques of Kinesiology, the treatment starts by establishing which of the body’s meridians is out of balance and where attention is needed. This followed by a form of head massage known as neuro-vascular holding and a Full Reflexology Massage, concentrating on correcting these imbalances. The treatment concludes with a relaxing Thai-style Hand Massage. All products used throughout are natural and certified organic. A complete and thorough treatment designed to help restore and rebalance your body and leave you feeling energised and in a positive mindset - 90 minutes £50

Special offers and courses - 

Full Reflexology Massages X 4 - £100 

Indulgence Reflexology Treatments X 4 - £200 

Mix & Match - Full Reflexology Massages X 2 & Indulgence Reflexology Treatments X 2 - £150

All products used during our treatments are organic, made from natural ingredients, free from animal testing and are vegan friendly. All Botanical products used can be purchased from us at the time of treatment or through our Facebook shop.


About James Andrew

Having trained as an actor and having spent 10 years working in the performing arts industry, I decided to follow a long held passion for holistic medicine and began training to become a reflexologist with the School of Natural Health Sciences in London. After gaining a Diploma with Distinction in both Reflexology and Advanced Reflexology, I started Elemental Reflexology with the aim of bringing the numerous positive benefits of holistic healthcare to my clients. Inducing a state of positive wellness and deep relaxation in an individual by unlocking the body’s natural healing energises is something I am extremely passionate about.